Choose Your Path

The Dark. The Light.

“How am I supposed to know the good side from the bad?”

“You will know, when you are calm. At peace, passive.”

-Luke Skywalker, to Yoda

In honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out.  This is two drawings of the same lightsaber. The charcoal drawing (left) represents the dark side of the force, the graphite drawing (right) represents the light side of the force.

There is a funny story to these drawings. My art teacher (really great guy), tells me to bring an object to study and draw next class. Next class comes around and he says: “Everyone take out your objects, let’s see ’em.”

I started panicking when I realized I had forgotten to bring an object. Wide eyed and worried, I looked down at my backpack and saw it… A plastic lightsaber. Literally, thank the Lord. I’m pretty sure He placed that lightsaber there. Now I’m calling it my “lightsavior.”

About these pieces of art:

  • Same lightsaber in both drawings
  • Medium: the left is charcoal, the right is graphite
  • When: Oct. 29, 2015
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out December 18, 2015